One Year After COVID Closed Las Vegas | Ep. 60


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This time, last year... everything changed. It was also the first time since 1963 that Las Vegas experienced a total shutdown. Resort casinos went dark. Sean and Dayna look back and play excerpts from their podcast exactly one year ago. You can hear in the segments that there was concern, but also that nobody thought it would be this bad or last this long. Guests on that show were financial analyst, Steve Budin, who talked about what economic hits COVID-19 could have on Las Vegas and the world. Sean and Dayna also talked to Jon Kilb, who was in town to watch March Madness basketball games, but told fans could no longer attend. Sean and Dayna also share results of this week's twitter question, "how do you feel about returning to festivals this year? Is it something you are comfortable doing?" Listeners sound off! Plus, some great tips about where to look for good restaurants on the strip. They aren't always located off the casino.

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