Is Leadership Learned or Innate? Amit Patel | British Heart Foundation


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Is Leadership Learned or Innate? We sat down with Amit Patel, who is an Experienced Technology Leader with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Currently working as Director of Technology Design and Engineering at The British Heart Foundation. During the podcast, we spoke about Amit's career history up to this point, how Amit has developed his own leadership style, best leadership practices, pitfalls to be aware of, and advice for anyone who's taking on the new challenge of becoming a leader. Showtimes: 0:55 - An insight into The British Heart Foundation and Amit's role there. 4:06 - Amit's route into Technology and career history and journey to becoming Director of Technology Design and Engineering. 16:00 - Is an aspect of good management knowing when to step back? 21:00 - Being authentic as a manager and leader. 22:57 - The importance of having fun with your team as a leader. 23:55 - How to keep a team motivated and supporting your workforce during the pandemic. 28:20 - What's the most important aspect of good leadership? 29:00 - The difference between leadership and management. 34:29 - What Amit's go-to resources to learn about leadership are. 36:30 - The best advice Amit has learned on his career journey.

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