Episode 130: Dr. Mark L. Gordon from The Millennium Health Centers


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I was honored to speak with Dr. Mark L. Gordon from Millennium Neuro-Regenerative Centers. His protocol was my first step in recovering from traumatic brain injuries and one of the most important. He has transformed the lives of so many men and women, both civilians and the those who are serving or have served in the armed forces. I appreciate him taking the time to share his knowledge.

Dr. Gordon answers my questions:

(2:25) How much of the population could benefit from having their hormones regulated?

(8:50) Does your typical family doctor properly analyze blood work? What does Millennium do differently?

(17:35) How important is diet? Does it affect the success of treatment?

(22:45) What is Clear Mind and Energy? How is it able to curb my caffeine consumption? Can caffeine cause more inflammation?

(30:50) How does the medical community respond to his message?

(34:20) In 5, 10, 15 years will the average person be able to go to their doctor and be properly treated for excess inflammation?

(46:00) Would neurofeedback and other treatments be as effective if hormones aren’t regulated first?

(50:00) We discuss the great documentary Quiet Explosions and the Warrior Angel Foundation

He also shares how they have had success in reversing Alzheimer’s, diabetes, and tinnitus, along with so many other issues.

If you or a loved one want to improve your brain, and overall, health, check out his website for a doctor near you. The site also has so many amazing supplements that I highly recommend as well.


(1:08:20) Also includes Chapters 4 and 5 from Beyond Brightside narrated by Darren Eliker.

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