Army Veteran Spent 6 Years In Prison Due to Mental Breakdown Which Led to Drug & Alcohol Addiction - With Dane Gordan


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Anu Verma interviews ex-veteran and ex-convict Dane Gordon. Dane grew up with an alcoholic father and mentally ill mother. He lacked real love and connection as a child and became addicted to alcohol and drugs during early adulthood. He was a six year army veteran which followed by a mental breakdown and then six years in prison after he had burnt a church down.
Through trial and failure, he got himself together (with the help of others) and found life inside of prison. He found a passion for sharing his story and speaking with others about their stories which he dreamed of following through upon his release.
One thing he decided was to have a better relationship with his father and so they became best friends and spoke everyday. As his internal life got better, he was finding freedom inside of prison and remarkably he had found a purpose. Then one day, he received a terrible phone call that his father had gotten into a motorcycle accident and was killed instantly, his world was shattered. He couldn’t even go to his funeral. The whole thing was devastating but in his suffering, he decided to suffer correctly.
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