Understanding the Shift From The 3D to 5D State of Consciousness


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This is an episode that I have been wanting to share with you all for a while now as it is a topic which lies close to my heart having experienced the shift from 3D to 5d myself over the years. I used to think that I was an outcast, I started losing interest in what I used to have in common with my peers.

I became disinterested in the big car, the big house, gossip and I started taking responsibility for my thoughts and actions, rather than blaming others. I started to reflect on things that I did, communicating and thinking on a deeper level. I started attracting others who lived off a higher vibration and repelling those of a lower vibration. I was undergoing some major changes within myself and to a point in my life where peoples energies did not affect me anymore. This was my awakening.
Have you felt a change in your vibration? If so then you may be going through a shift in your state of consciousness. It’s a beautiful yet challenging process to go through as you are becoming more self-aware, spiritual and enlightened. You will be living on a soulful level, living a life of abundance, a life with no fears, guilt or regret and what a beautiful way to live. Listen on and learn about the transition from 3D to 5D consciousness and please do share your thoughts and comments with me as it would be such an honour to hear from you.
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