Guided Meditation for Forgiveness & Acceptance


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Something which many of us struggle with is forgiving others when they have hurt us. To not forgive has negative consequences for us and our overall health as it creates negative emotional and mental states which can cause physical illnesses and create disharmony in our energetic system. It affects how we live our life, the experiences we have (and don’t have) and the type of people we pull into our life. We may end up bitter, resentful and negative about life and we often have an endless list of things which we are angry about or things that haven’t worked out or people who have done us wrong.

Forgiveness comes after acceptance. You cannot reverse time, you cannot change things that have happened in the past, all you can do is accept that it did happen and see what you could learn from it.

Forgiveness & acceptance is an inner process, something you do inside of yourself and this meditation will help you and guide you during your own forgiveness and acceptance process.

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