Have you ever wondered what makes people so critical?


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Critical people already know that criticism doesn't really serve any purpose apart from objecting negativity onto others. So why do we still do it? The answer lies in the fact that criticism is used as a tool of protection and as a form of ego defence .
People criticise because they somehow feel devalued by a particular behaviour, an attitude or a service which they may have been provided with. It's not that they particularly disagree by a behaviour or an attitude. Critical people tend to be easily insulted and in need of an ego defence which usually stems from early childhood when they would have been criticised by those whom they were close to and this would have led to emotional detachment.
Critics will most probably be highly self-critical on themselves and so how they feel about themselves is how they view and feel about the world. In this podcast episode, I will be discussing why people are so critical about themselves and to others.
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