'Neuro - Associative Conditioning' in resetting your limiting beliefs and behaviours


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This podcast episode follows on from my previous episode on ‘decision-making and resetting your limiting beliefs’ in which I discuss Tony Robbins ‘Dickens Process’.

Neuro-Associative Conditioning (NAC) is the process of conditioning a new habitual behaviour or response. Whether you want to change your thoughts or your feelings or your actions, this is an effective and proven technique.

This process is so powerful and is based upon the strong emotional state that we create for the old belief/behaviour that we want to change. We also create a positive strong emotional state for the belief/behaviour that we desire and the goal is to naturally gravitate towards this based upon our emotional state.

We are all responsible for how we feel and are in total control of our emotional state and so any pattern of behaviour or emotion that is continually reinforced will eventually become conditioned and automatic.

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