Proven bio-hacks & techniques to help you along your healing journey and to improve your quality of life


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In today’s podcast I will be discussing some effective techniques to help you along your healing journey and to ultimately Improve your Quality of Life.

These techniques/ bio-hacks are what I have been using for the last decade. I was once using them religiously daily, spending an hour in the morning in a routine of self-care before I started my day…. that was until I became a mother :))

Becoming the best version of yourself by “hacking” your physical and mental health, is the goal of biohacking.
The magic techniques include; goal setting, visualization, incantations and affirmations, rebounding, cold showers, meditation, yoga & exercise, journaling, and praying.

Listen on to hear the true benefits that dedicating just a few minutes a day can have on your life.

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