The Powerful Healing Benefits of Reiki


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In this podcast episode, I will be discussing the powerful healing benefits of Reiki. Reiki is a Japanese energy healing practice that is widely used for trauma as it can help improve physical and psychological health after just one session.
The ‘Ki’ in Reiki refers to energy and if it is flowing and unblocked, it is considered healthy. Ki is the primary energy of our emotions and it flows within our physical body through pathways called ‘chakras’. When healthy Ki is flowing freely in our bodies and our chakras are balanced, we experience wellness.

When we experience trauma, our esoteric body which constitutes our chakras and aura, can hold onto energy and if this is not processed, it can lead to mental, emotional, and physical blockages and discomfort. During Reiki, this stagnant energy is moved out of our energetic system and replaced with pure Source energy.
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