'Thriving After Sexual Abuse' meet Denise Bossarte - a survivor of child sexual abuse who shares her experiences for survivors to find their own journey to healing


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In this podcast episode, I host with my first ever guest 'Denise Bossarte' who is a survivor and thriver of childhood sexual abuse. We discuss Denise's healing journey as she shares her personal, guided experience for survivors to find and engage in their own journey to healing and to becoming Thrivers just as she has.
Thriving After Sexual Abuse is an eloquent and empathetic self-development book laying out a blueprint for survivors to heal themselves and it was a quarterfinalist in the 2019 BookLife Prize Nonfiction Contest, Self-Help Category. Thriving provides tips and suggestions for readers to seek help, self-reflect, and pursue healing through a range of activities and practices and offers tangible strategies for readers to reclaim their lives and move forward to a life of Thriving.
You can find out more about Denise by visiting her website: https://www.denisebossartebooks.com
Namaste x
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