Understanding Infidelity and Why Cheaters Cheat?!


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Have you been cheated on in the past and finding it impossible to get over the betrayal? Is your partner currently being unfaithful to you and you don't know what to do? Or you may even be the unfaithful partner yourself?
Researchers have found that those who have been unfaithful in one relationship have three times the odds of being unfaithful in the next relationship, compared to those who have not been unfaithful in the first one. The main reason for betrayal stems from our basic human needs not being met and the biggest influence and motivation to cheat has been concluded to that of dissatisfaction in the primary relationship, especially for males.
In this podcast today, I will discuss why cheaters cheat and look further into the problems of betrayal as well as giving you some useful tips on how you can overcome this act of deceit.
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