Build Your YouTube Business by Driving More Traffic to Your Website [Ep. #220]


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This episode is more for the business minded creator -- those who plan to turn their channel into a business or people who are growing a business with their YouTube channel.

At VC, about 90-some percent of our revenue is funneled through our website. It's a very critical tool for us as we generate leads with YouTube, nurture those relationships with email, or even sell directly from our channel.

There's an opportunity for us as creators to not only get more views and traffic on our videos, but also on our website. And as we do that and are embedding videos in our website, we get more views on those videos, too.

The way most people think about this is that they should drive traffic from their videos to their website, and that's certainly one way to do that, although we're cautious to do that outside of a video that designed to be a sales video because YouTube favors content that increases people's viewing sessions.

Instead, today we want to talk about organically growing the traffic to your website. Use your website to get more people to discover your videos, capture their email, make a sale, get someone to sign-up, register, or whatever the action is you want them to take.

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