Optimizing YouTube's Ads to Make the Most Money [Ep. #225]


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One creator asked us, "How do I optimize YouTube's ads to make the most money? Should I just select all the options and let YouTube pick? Should I disable certain ad formats and force others to run more? is there anything I can do to make more money from YouTube's ads on my videos?"

Another creator asked us, "How do I double my channel growth with tips you've never shared?" This question usually presumes that they're doing everything we've already said, still aren't experiencing growth on their YouTube channel, and want the secret, next level tactics. While we love talking about the next level tactics, if you're not experiencing growth with the foundational principles, the advanced principles will not work.

Today we answer audio questions from channel members about: - Optimizing YouTube's ads to make the most money. - Effectively using the community tab to drive more views. - Maintaining growth as "shelter in place" slows down. - When to test different title and thumbnail ideas. - Software for managing your copyright ownership on YouTube. - How to double channel growth with tips we've never shared. - And much more.

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