Seven Next Steps for Growing after 100,000+ YouTube Subscribers [Ep. #235]


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The tactics that grow your channel when it's new and small aren't necessarily the same tactics that grow your channel when it's more established. After working with hundreds of clients who have hundreds of thousands of subscribers, we broke down the top principles we see for continuing channel growth as you become more established. In this episode, we share those tactics with you so you can continue to grow and avoid the plateau that often comes from finding the thing that worked to get you to this point and then sticking with it for too long.

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Next steps for growing after 100k

  1. Focus on the business side of your channel. Hiring a team, product development, marketing systems, etc.
  2. Collaborate with other creators.
  3. Connect what's known with what's unknown
  4. Revisit your TA and VP and primal branding elements. Dial it in so your content resonates even more deeply with them.
  5. Consider a pivot or going to version 2.0 of your brand and content before it gets stale and declines. Keep momentum going.
  6. Experiment with new ideas. Don't get stuck in what worked in the past.
  7. Improve your storytelling ability, both verbally and visually.

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