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This year marks the 30th anniversary of the Final Fantasy series and we’re celebrating with this music tribute episode! In 1987, the developers of Square, now known as Square Enix, believed that Final Fantasy would be the last title they ever released. The NES RPG’s popularity launched one of the world’s best-selling video game franchises of all time. In this episode, you’ll hear 11 incredible remixes of our favorite tracks from the series.

What’s your favorite Final Fantasy game, song, or soundtrack? We want to hear from you! Tell us at http://www.1Pvs2P.com/contactus and we might just read or play your message on our next episode!

00:00 - BITGEN14 (Final Fantasy I) by Dj Cutman
02:21 - Secrets Abound (Final Fantasy I) by Midgarian Sky
05:28 - Techno de Chocobo (Final Fantasy VI) by Tepid
09:53 - Run Past Through the Plain (Final Fantasy Tactics) by FerdK
13:16 - Fighting (Final Fantasy VII) by Mykah
19:05 - The Man with the Machine Gun (Final Fantasy VIII) by Mykah
23:54 - Decisive Battle (Final Fantasy VI) by Dj Cutman
25:49 - Adagio for Synths (Final Fantasy IV) by bLiNd
28:38 - Sector 7 Hath Wrought the Angel (Final Fantasy VII) by Trenthian
33:38 - Yuna Tropical House Remix (Final Fantasy X) by Will & Tim
39:23 - Victory Fanfare (Final Fantasy VII) Holder & Ephixa

Links to all artists' tracks featured on this episode are at http://www.1pvs2p.com/shownotes/2017/3/8/show-notes-ep80-ff30th-playlist-

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