How To Look Awesome On Zoom With Aidan Fitzpatrick (+ Camo)


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Now we’re all working from home a lot more it’s important to give a great first impression.
You set the lighting, checked your background but... have you ever wondered why your laptop camera is such bad quality? Grainy, right? Well now there is a pretty awesome solution.
The full title of this episode is How To Look Awesome On ZOOM, SKYPE, TEAMS, LOOM, SLACK, YOUTUBE, GOOGLE MEET, WEBINARS, FACEBOOK LIVE , DISCORD , FACETIME... With Your iPhone!

Aidan Fitzpatrick is an award-winning tech entrepreneur and investor based in London.
In Summer 2020 his company Reincubate developed and released a revolutionary new app called Camo – which turns your iPhone into a state-of-the-art webcam.

He started his professional journey as a software engineer and over the last 20 years has co-founded multiple startups and played an influential role in a number of successful companies.

He’s been UK president of the Entrepreneur’s Organization – helping businesses and startups develop and in 2008 he founded his app data company Reincubate building technology to access data from apps and app platforms.

According to The Wall Street Journal, laptop cameras in 2020 are worse than 2010 models. Camo solves this problem, and then some – by enabling you to use your powerful iPhone or iPad camera as a hugely customisable webcam.

Prepare to blow your Zoom buddies away!
In this episode you'll discover:

  • How he became an accidental entrepreneur
  • His process for creating software
  • How the UK lockdown made him see an opportunity
  • How the Camo upgrades the quality of your video
  • New & upcoming features for Camo
  • How to validate a software product
  • How designers, twitter influencers, tech CEOs and investors helped grow the app
  • The story behind his company
  • Why an iPhone 6 is better than most webcams
  • How Camo is helping influencers, preachers, sales people and fitness trainers
  • How to use different lenses
  • How old iPads & iPhones become awesome webcams
  • How Aidan's first product turned his company into a $1m business - accidentally
  • Why this led to winning the Queen's Awards for Enterprise, twice
  • Why he thinks virtual backgrounds are ‘low-trust’
  • Why he thinks Zoom still has a way to go
  • Why he thinks we’re at ‘Day 1' with video
  • The apps that help him run his life
  • The concept of 'luxury software'
  • Why lifting weights is a great form of meditation!

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