How To Save Time & Money By Repurposing Video with Daniel Patrick Norton


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When you’ve shot a video for your client or your business, what happens next?
Does it sit on a YouTube channel or company website, pushed out as part of a digital campaign and then disappear?
Repurposing video content can be a great way of stretching footage further. If you have a business, one day shooting can feed weeks of social media content – all it takes is a little bit of strategy and planning.
Dan Norton is an editor and video repurposing specialist based in New York.

Dan’s expertise in repurposing video content enables him to help companies and individuals to stretch their video content further.
After spending 11years at Disney Streaming Services, he also now co-runs Parent Pacifier With his wife Amanda - helping expecting and new parents save time and remove headaches with baby product reviews and parenting tips - via their website and their YouTube channel.

In this episode, Dan talks about how to save time by creating long-form videos which can be repurposed for social media. He shares techniques he's learned through years of working in the sports highlights industry and how entrepreneurs and business owners can use simple tricks to make their video content go further.
Show Notes :
In this episode you'll learn:

  • What repurposing video means
  • Starting with live video
  • Why answering your top 5 FAQs is a great strategy
  • How to get started with video for your business
  • How to talk to a camera lens as a friend
  • How he started a YouTube channel from scratch
  • The most powerful traffic driving force on YouTube
  • How unexpected YouTube videos can drive business
  • Why you should start something before you have kids
  • Why becoming a parent is so motivating
  • How businesses will use video in the future
  • Dan's take on the Pomodoro technique
  • Why asking questions can drive people to make comments in social media videos
  • Why he builds in rest time
  • How to plan a repurposing video strategy
  • Video Marketing tips for business

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