Slips, Simps and Leaks Ep. 552


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What's up Pizzas?! This week BANG IS BACK and we have SO MUCH NEWS... We talk about Alinity's accidental Twitch nip slip and the crazy backlash. Shots were fired when AMC theaters say they will no longer show Universal films, Naughty Dog sets a release date for Last of Us 2 after major story leaks, and Cory gives an inside look to Sinatraa's departure from the SF Shock and the Overwatch League to pursue Valorant!

Topics Include: Gaming, Sacramento, Esports, Overwatch League, Sinatraa, Valorant, Alinity, nip slip, Last of us 2, Leaks, Playstation, AMC, Trolls, SF Shock, Twitch, Drops, Netflix, Cory Vincent, Badkitty Cosplay, Curtis Fisher, David Webb

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