Suite Life of Cate and Darkseid Ep. 555


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Cory, Curtis, Lexie, and Emma are back with A LOT to talk about...

Borderlands is FREE on the Epic Games store along with news that Cate Blanchett has been cast as Lilith in the BL movie adaptation. BlizzCon has been CANCELLED. Amazon launched its first major video game title and it flopped... HARD. Plus we are talking about HBO Max, Arkane Studios, Snyder Cut, Ruby Rose and Emma's GFUEL addiction.

Topics Include: Sacramento, Gaming, Esports, Video Games, BlizzCon, HBO MAX, Cate Blanchett, Borderlands, Free, Ruby Rose, Batwoman, Amazon, Crucible, Battleborn, Overwatch, Overwatch League, GFUEL, Cory Vincent, Emmaskies, Curtis Fisher, Lexie, SF Shock, Snyder cut, Justice League, Darkseid, Marvel, DC, Comics

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