Jesus the Servant


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Jesus came to be a servant (Phil. 2:5-11). Many people think that this text means "despite the fact that Jesus was God, he was willing to take on the form of a servant." That wasn't what Paul meant by using the term "being in the very nature God". Rather, Paul is saying because was Jesus in the very nature of God he became a servant. In other words, it's in the very nature of God to serve. So Christ took on the form of a servant. In John 13, the disciples are unwilling to be servants. We are called to serve and we'll find our fulfillment in discovering our calling as servants. (Servant songs in Isaiah: Is 53 is most quoted OT text in NT; shaped their whole understanding of ministry to Christ. Phil 2: highlight 'because' vs 'despite' - it is the nature of God to serve... we find fulfillment as we bear his image as servants

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