Trail Talk: False Positives, Shenanigans & SSA


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I'm so excited! My friend Daniella is reading us a poem in this segment of 'Trail Talk.' We'll talk about my false-positive-obsession when I was diagnosed with HIV in 2003, and how it informed deeper strategies of denial. Wise leadership encourages us to come to grips with the results of the election and the global health crisis and current surge of COVID-19. Shenanigan: deceit; trickery. I tricked and deceived myself for years. I embraced a narrow mind of thinking, to describe my being gay, as someone who struggled with same sex attraction (SSA). I reached out to a close friend who voted for Trump, to check-in, listen and connect. It was my turn to call, so I decided to put into action what we're all confronting with The Great Divide and Dysthymia of 2020.

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