Having fun as a Group Fitness Professional Instructor


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*delayed start, mic was on mute. my bad* Sure it's your business. But, do you remember why you got into this business? I do. I chose to be a Group Fitness Professional Instructor because I love to dance. All day. Every day. When I discovered that I could get paid and get my dance groove on, I was ecstatic! Fitness for fun and profit Listening to Annamarie share her story yesterday, I am reminded on how I lost my focus on fun and fitness and invited stress and more stress into my passion of teaching group fitness classes. How much money was I making? How many more classes can I teach? Oooh, my body hurts, but I can't stop now. What new format do I have to learn to stay competitive? What new specialty format can I learn to command more pay for the same length of time? Etc. The stressful thoughts were slowly poisoning my initially joyful journey into the fitness profession. No-role Role Model It's stressful believing that you have to be perfect as a fitness professional and that means (you fill in the list). Annamarie never stopped teaching throughout her weight gain, kudos to her! She was still benefiting physically, despite gaining weight. Group Fitness Professional Instructor's are not role models for 'the perfect body'. We are role models of varying levels of fitness. And the fitness industry is wise to welcome every body as a teacher, embodying the principle that every body needs to move, every body needs exercise. It's about fun When you stop having fun in the business of fitness, then it's time to step back and reassess how you are 'doing' the business of fitness. That's how I developed the Group Fitness Team Training Model. Check out my website to learn more. In the flow, PendaGoddess

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