Interview: KwikPhyt founder Kwietha Bolden


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It's my pleasure to welcome my friend and professional fitness peer, Kwietha Bolden to the show. Kwietha offers the following services in Atlanta, GA: Life Coaching; Voiceover/Acting Instructor; Just Need Some1 to Talk 2?; Personal Chef; Personal Training. Kwietha is a multifaceted performer, personal development coach and an advocate for healthy living. Through her “Spoken Word” Kwietha indulges in sharing her thoughts, ideas and passion for life. With style and eloquence she expresses her loves, disappointments and accomplishments. Her life is her love and she lives it fearlessly well. In addition to performing Kwietha is a Personal Media/Acting Coach, training clients and students of all ages in Acting, Modeling, and Image concepts. Under the tutelage of this dynamic and inspiring artist her students are encouraged to leap out of their shells and think way outside of their boxes thus fulfilling their deepest dreams. As an advocate for healthy and wholesome living, Kwietha lovingly helps others become their personal best by providing personal training and teaching healthy meal preparation. With over 25 years of experience in the health and fitness realm, Kwietha combines tough love with expertise to motivate her clients to achieve their fitness goals. For all your health, fitness and wellness needs visit KwikPhyt.

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