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We're going to start a Wii Exergaming book club exergamers. Are you ready? It's not every day that I find a book dedicated to using the Wii with innovative programming. Similar to Virtual Fitness Wii FAB which was developed by a professional fitness instructor, (yours truly), this book is written by a mathematician and educators. Meghan Hearn, to quote the back cover briefly is "a mathematics educator and specialist" and Matthew C. Winner a teacher librarian, former elemetary educator holding a BS in elementary education and MS in school library media. Disclaimer: I did request and receive a Not for Sale/Preview Copy Uncorrected Sample copy of the book in the mail. The book is available in a number of formats on Please order through the Wii Fitness Supply Store . Links mentioned in broadcast: Khan Academy iste Music by JaBig can be found on YouTube Follow mii on Facebook - Wii Fitness Examiner - National Wii Fitness Examiner Twitter - @pendagoddess Support WEE's everywhere!

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