Sharing your group fitness specialty format


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Today I'd like to chat about what it takes for a Group Fitness Professional Instructor to get her trademarked group fitness format into gyms, etc. Many GFPI's, after years in the business, have the experience and creative desire to introduce her own specialty format. But how do you get it out there? This is really how the idea of a new fitness business model came to me. I wanted to make money teaching fewer classes for more money and train instructors at the same time. It seemed like I was just wasting energy, mentoring someone in my class to the point of certification, but not following through with a class for them. Not to mention, I was missing opportunities after opportunities to brand my teaching style. You know, the first thing an instructor does when she creates a format is run out and get it trademarked or patented. How can you trademark movement? Choreography? And why not welcome the competition? It can only mean that your format is getting popular. Of course, the point is to make an income off of this format you created. Listen in to hear more. Call-ins welcome and chat room open.

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