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If you listened to the show last week, you'll know Annamarie House brings expert insight into the industry of Group Fitness and Professional Group Fitness Instructors. Learn about the many facets of the profession of Group Fitness with Annamarie. Calls welcome and chatroom open. Contact Annamarie on her Facebook page and website. About Annamarie I have been a group exercise instructor for 22 years now and counting..... My passion is dance and I have created my own dance cardio class called Tyme 2 GoGo which incorporates strip teaze, belly dance and funk all in one. I was a member of the NIKE Rockstar Dance Team three times. I am ACE certified and also Hayward State Health and Fitness institute certified. I have a aqua cd out called Aquatic Workout which is designed so that you play it and you follow the routine to get a great workout. You could also use it to do a land low impact class if you do not have access to a pool. I am trained in a variety of classes which includes strength training, step, interval, bootcamp, salsa, stripteaze, hip hop,TKB and aqua. I am very passionate about what I do and just want to help people reach their goals. I coach cheerleading and do the tumbling and conditioning for the teams. I would really like to get out there and help the youth since they really have a problem with their weight and lack of exercise. They do move they just need a little more coaching to see that they can acheive things that they set out to do. If I can help one child see how important it is to workout and eat right and they implement that in their own life than I feel like I have accomplished a lot. We need to take care of the children and teach them how to take care of themselves before it is too late.

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