Video gaming for exergamers: What you need to know


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Featured guest: Ray Bolden Greetings! What do you know about the video gaming world? Do you wonder what game your child is playing? Do you feel clueless about the video gaming world? You're not alone. Many of us judged video gaming as bad without ever really knowing why. Ray has been a gamer for a number of years. We met when I was running an summer camp circa 2008. In my ignorance and arrogance, I was trying to open up more songs. My friend brought her son over, (Ray) and he opened up DanceDanceRevolution Hottest Party for the Wii for mii! He did it quickly, effortlessly and with amazing rhythm and grace. We could only hope to be as good some day. DanceDanceRevolution is the gold standard of exergames. It also happens to be a game changer for the fitness industry, if we have anything to do with it. You heard it here first... Tune in. Hopefully you will learn something. Questions? Contact Wii Fitness Examiner on Facebook! Respect to all gamers! Penda, Goddess of Virtual Fitness Wii FAB (VFF) Penda and daughters DDR

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