Wii Balance Board on the blink and what I have to do next


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Greetings! If you've been following the saga of the Wii Balance Board then you will want to tune in to this segment. I actually speak to a Nintendo Customer Service representatitive. And I sneeze; I need to learn how to edit a show for real... Questions asked and answered Does Nintendo repair Balance Boards?How much does it cost?What's the process?What did I miss when I was troubleshooting the Balance Board?What happens if your Balance Board cannot be repaired?How to spell my name and my email address. Even though I'm disappointed that my Balance Board has to be repaired, I'm okay with packaging the Balance Board and sending it in. Will, of course, keep you posted. In case you are wondering, I purchased the Wii Fit Plus Balance Board accessory package at Burlington Coat Factory. Less than $20! Connect with me: @pendagoddess Wii Fitness Examiner on Facebook

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