How to Get the Most Value from Your Content On Pinterest


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Sign up for early access to Tailwind Create here: (plus get our new webinar and the formula for reaching new audiences)! Regularly creating new blog posts, products, and pages with great images may be the best way to grow your account on Pinterest, but your time is valuable! And every minute spent promoting your content is a minute you're not developing your next new product or blog post, serving your customers, or enjoying some downtime at home. On this week’s live show, we’ll share ideas on how you can spend your time wisely to get the most out of each new piece of content without going overboard. Please bring your content titles and if there’s time, we’ll do some live brainstorming together! We’ll cover: - A handy formula to find a brand new audience for your content (we love a formula!) - How to help Pinterest AND Google get your content in front of new readers - An exciting new tool that will save you time and (as our first users say) is incredibly fun and inspiring! Here’s your chance to sign up to be among the first to try it.

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