Episode #184: Tyler Shields / Photographer / Director / Artist


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Well known and sometimes controversial fine art photographer, director, and visual provocateur Tyler Shields joins the podcast to talk about how he went from a kid growing up in Jacksonville, Florida under the watchful eye of a military father with high expectations of always putting your best foot forward, to becoming a professional in-line skater at age 12, dropping out of middle school to tour the world as a skater, falling in love with making films, shooting music videos for people like Ghostface Killah, booking his first national photo campaign before he actually owned a camera, to finally finding his voice as an artist and his footing in the gallery world he is known for today. During our conversation Tyler talks about the sacrifice and work ethic he was and is still willing to put into chasing his dreams, one of the biggest mistakes some artists make that keeps them from having longevity in the art world, and the advice he gives to others seeking their own creative existence.

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