Episode #195: Charlie Gray / Photographer


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Editorial and commercial fashion and celebrity photographer Charlie Gray joins the podcast from his London studio to talk about how he went from a kid growing up in Cambridge with a love of skateboarding and browsing the artwork of the records in his dad's music store, to shooting some of the most recognizable faces in the world and creating a style of celebrity fashion work that would set him apart in a very competitive niche and earn him a spot on the roster of the renowned LGA agency and an ambassadorship with Leica. During our conversation Charlie also talks about the early creative influence both skateboarding and music had on his life, how he fell in love with the reportage style of the Magnum photographers while at university, and how he began to apply that to his own pursuit of fashion and celebrity work. We also discuss his approach to shooting celebrities, how being a nice person is a trait to be cherished the most, and the advice he gives to others chasing their own creative dreams.

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