Episode #196: Tim Tadder / Photographer / Artist / Director


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Renowned fine art and commercial photographer/director Tim Tadder joins the podcast to talk about his journey in photography and how he went from building an extremely successful commercial studio to finding himself disillusioned with the industry and work, and his subsequent transition into the fine art world as well as NFT space. During our conversation Tim talks about what it was like growing up in Baltimore as the son of a professional photographer who wanted something more for his son than a life in the arts, and how that ultimately helped developed a work ethic and drive that would propel Tim into the world of commercial photography and help him create not only a name for himself, but a look that would be copied by many. We also talk about how he's recently reevaluated his goals and desires in life and realized that he lost track of what made him fall in love with photography in the first place, and how he's been able to make the transition into creating meaningful art that finds it's way onto the walls of art collectors and investors alike.

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