Episode #202: Daniel Rojas / Photographer


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Photographer, designer, and creative collaborator Daniel Rojas (aka: Fog Again) joins the podcast to talk about how he went from a kid growing up in a rough neigborhood in Los Angeles with a passion for art, to finding his early tribe in skateboarding and music, as well as a love for photography, to finally creating a relationship with one of the most famous drummers of all time Travis Barker that has lasted for many years, toured him all over the world, and created a beautiful archive of a beloved figure in the music industry. During our conversation Daniel talks about his early work in web design and photography with companies like DVS and Burton and how that led to a position with Travis's apparel company Famous Stars and Straps, what it was like heading out on his first tour with Blink 182, his ability to be a fly on the wall in situations where others might desperately want to assert themselves, how he has managed to have such longevity in his working relationship with Travis, and the advice he gives to others coming up with their own creative dreams and goals.

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