Episode #189: Tim Biskup / Artist


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Artist Tim Biskup joins the podcast for a beautiful conversation about art and the life he's created around it. You might know Tim's work from features in Juxtapoz Magazine, or from gallery shows he's done around the world, or from his own experiential gallery and book store Face Guts. But on this episode we talk about Tim's early creative inspirations from skateboarding and punk rock to cartoons and monster movies, and how that led to a disillusionment with the world of fine art and how he would set about finding himself as an artist and his own place in the business that surrounded it. During our conversation Tim and I talk about how to find the muse and the resistance that can sometimes come in the search, we discuss our shared love of architecture and our feelings around how our spaces are an extension of our creative selves, what meditation and hiking brings to his art practice, and the advice he gives to others trying to find their own voice in the world of art.

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