Power to Empower: Saskia Nino de Rivera and Priti Patkar on Breaking the Cycle


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President of the non-profit Reinserta, Saskia Niño de Rivera, and social worker and co-founder of the non-profit Prerana, Priti Patkar, sat down with Vital Voices Podcast host Alyse Nelson to discuss current barriers to achieving human rights for children around the world. Saskia and Priti explain their efforts to break the cycle of intergenerational violence by working directly with the children and parents involved, striving to ensure the balance of human rights is kept in line with the context of the children’s lives.

Listen in to learn more about the incredible work these women are doing to change broken systems, build new structures that better serve children and give them new opportunities, and how they leverage their empathy and willingness to take risks as their power. Their work is inspiring, but it’s their hope, resilience and dedication that makes both women enlightening.

To learn more about Vital Voices, visit www.vitalvoices.org. This series is inspired by our book, Vital Voices: 100 Women using their Power to Empower, edited by Alyse Nelson with art by Gayle Kabaker, published by Assouline.

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