A Lesson On Living Your Own Story with Lane McNab


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Opera Singer turned Interior Design Founder @lanemcnabinteriors runs a thriving interior design firm and sustainable furniture company that is creating the next generation of heirlooms. How did she get there? By giving herself permission to keep embody her life and creativity fully. In this Lesson on Living Your Own Story, Kim talks about her early working relationship with Lane, how Lane built her firm as a designer, and how she's embraced her role as both a mother and creative and industry leader.

  • How creatives can embrace spirituality.
  • Lane’s first profession was singing and how she made the transition into design.
  • Why lane decided to go with a sustainable business model.
  • What “sustainable” means to Lane.
  • Creating timeless pieces.
  • Dealing with pushback from customers regarding budget and premium offerings.
  • Designing with purpose to make products more beneficial to the environment.
  • Lane’s 3 principles to her business.
  • Not using motherhood as an excuse to not be your full self.
  • How Lane speaks to issues that are important to her while keeping her brand value and reputation in mind.
  • Being a mom and creative entrepreneur.
  • How the shift happened for Lane to embody her own story.
  • Transitioning from one career to the other.
  • How women can step up and make their vision a priority, even in a family unit.
  • How Lane views feminine leadership.
  • How we can use feminine leadership to align principles with practices.

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