Americas Series with David Yakobovitch: BaaS & embedded banking with Y-Combinator backed Decentro's founder & CEO Rohit Taneja


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David Yakobovitch spoke to Rohit Taneja, founder and CEO of Decentro, an automated API platform for banking integrations, based in India and Singapore, backed by United States' Y-Combinator about Banking a service, embedded and decentralized Finance.

How is India shaping up as a FinTech destination?

  • What’s exciting about India?
  • Are regulators making regulations easy for FinTechs to thrive?
  • If yes, how? Or if not, what kind of regulations is the community expecting?

How are banks adapting to these fast-paced changes?

  • How has opening up their APIs changed things for banks?
  • Why Is BaaS as revolutionary as it promises?

Decentralizing FinTech & making it great, again - Decentro

  • How did Decentro come into being?
  • What were the pain points faced which inspired the solution?
  • What do Decentro’s offerings mean, especially in BaaS?
  • Product suite & offerings
  • Case studies and clientele
  • Prominent customers & solving their use-cases
  • What’s new!


  • Any FinTech or Neobank in the US or beyond hoping to widen their horizon to India can reach out to us. We’ll help them to overcome the key cross-border challenges and launch here. If you know someone in your network who could benefit from this, send them along our way! We’d be happy to chat. Also, if there's any particular Financial Institution that we could partner up with and take on a burning use-case, we’re all ears!

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