How to master SEO if you are an SME or a start-up?


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We talk to John Vuong, founder and CEO of the Local SEO Search, Inc., a Canadian SEO company, helping SMEs get discovered on the web! Hosted by Rudolf Falat, founder of Voice of FinTech podcast.
  • John explains his roots - born in Canada to an immigrant family from Vietnam
  • John had many different jobs as a student – what were his favorites and useful for today's role?
  • What was it like to work at Yellow Pages as internet usage has been rising?
  • John has been running the Local SEO business in Canada for over seven years now. How did he come up with an idea?
  • Let’s start with the SEO basics – what is it and why is it needed?
  • Target clients?
  • How the SEO tools or focus differ for a local SME with a physical presence and a fully digital business, say software or a FinTech?
  • When I started this podcast, someone who had done this before told me that the podcasts are not good for SEO. What’s John's view?
  • Has there been a spike in demand for SEO services driven by the pandemic?
  • What are the key SEO lessons learned from starting John's own business? How did John optimize your own discoverability?
  • What’s in store for John in 2021?
  • Best way to reach out

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