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In this episode, our featured voice is Kami Griffiths, the executive director and co-founder of Community Tech Network. In the 21st Century, access to the internet and devices to participate in the global public square has become a human right. The Covid-19 pandemic has again provided us an X-Ray vision of all the negative impacts on our fellow citizens who do not have access to the internet. In a time when we’re all supposed to shelter in place, without internet access which so many of us take for granted, our seniors and low-income community members are falling further and further behind economically, socially, as well as dealing with the negative impacts of isolation on their mental and physical health.

To hear more about the origins of Community Tech Network and meet some of its clients, instructors and Kami, please listen back to our 2016 episode titled The Digital Divide Have & Have Nots - How Digital Skills Changes Lives.

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