7/3/22-Baseball Betting Show


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Greg recaps Saturday's MLB games, looks at some of the most profitable trends and the most & least profitable starting pitchers in baseball this season, & Greg picks & analyzes EVERY Saturday MLB game!

Podcast Highlights

2:30-Recap of Saturday's MLB games

19:55-Profitable trends in the MLB this season

34:44-Start of picks with Brewers vs Pirates

37:55-Picks & analysis for Marlins vs Nationals

41:14-Picks & analysis for Braves vs Reds

45:08-Picks & analysis for Diamondbacks vs Rockies

48:46-Picks & analysis for Padres vs Dodgers

52:24-Picks & analysis for Cardinals vs Phillies

56:09-Picks & analysis for Royals vs Tigers

59:57-Picks & analysis for Rays vs Blue Jays

1:04:26-Picks & analysis for Yankees vs Guardians

1:07:01-DK Nation Pick Angels vs Astros

1:10:37-Picks & analysis for Orioles vs Twins

1:14:36-Picks & analysis for Athletics vs Mariners

1:18:29-Picks & analysis for Rangers vs Mets

1:21:48-Picks & analysis for Red Sox vs Cubs

1:25:11-Picks & analysis for White Sox vs Giants

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