Episode 170: Evil Amends


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Mike and Paul are back to discuss the end of Doom Patrol Season 3!

  • News Patrol - 7:52

  • Doom Clock – 8:29

  • Doomsplaining- 14:30 - This episode we discuss the last episodes Doom Patrol Season 3, episodes 9 and 10! Will evil triumph? Will amends be made? Will our heroes get to go home again? Will Cliff’s suggested team name take off?? Tune in to possibly find out! Or not. We have no control over you. Who are we, Niles Caulder?? MAJOR SPOILER WARNING - you may want to watch those TV episodes FIRST, before you listen to this podcast episode.

  • Mailbag O Doom - 50:14 - We read your responses to the last Question of the Week, "what is a comic-related dream you have had?"

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