Ep. 55: Lipsync for Your Life: From Milli Vanilli to Sarah Cooper w/ Sarah Kessler


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Wynter and Karen visit USC--this time virtually--in Sarah Kessler’s class on Audio(visuality). Sarah is a media studies scholar, TV editor of Public Books, and KT’s spouse aka quarantine hostage. The three get into a discussion of the role lip-syncing has played in U.S. pop culture as entertainment, the source of scandal, and as a means of building a following all the way to a Netflix special a la Sarah Cooper’s Everything’s Fine. Wynter gets into the chart daddies of election coverage, John King & Steve Kornacki, Sarah tells us why this season’s The Bachelorette mimics the 2020 election cycle, and Karen delves into the “privilege porn” of HBO’s The Undoing. Plus, a bonus nuo-lingo session about social media platforms and three songs of the moment.

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