"Meeting the moment" (w/ Chris & Sean)


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Kyle sits down with his longtime friends Chris Dollesin and Sean O'Gorman for a wide-ranging conversation on the climate crisis, the systems which perpetuate it, the systems which may be help remedy it, and what folks can do to get involved and help save our planet.
Fantastic Fungi (2019)
Kiss the Ground (2020)
Gather (2020)

Summary for Policymakers, Global Warming of 1.5°C by IPCC (2018)
This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate by Naomi Klein (2014)
On Fire: The Burning Case for a Green New Deal by Naomi Klein (2019)
A Finer Future: Creating an Economy in Service to Life by L. Hunter Lovins et. al. (2018)
The Overstory by Richard Powers (2018)
Thinking in Systems by Donella Meadows (2008)
Good Friday Agreement of 1998

En-Roads Climate Change Solutions Simulator

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Sean-- for his friendship, love, and Kermit voice.
My parents, Kerry & Ken-- for giving me life and some podcast equipment.
All of you-- for listening!
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