Adele Ablett: Civil Servant, leader, supportive


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Affordable connectivity is no longer a luxury, but increasingly viewed as a necessity. Data usage has soared since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, with people relying on broadband more than ever before.

With face-to-face support restricted at DWP job centres and training and job support moving online during the pandemic, TalkTalk was approached by the DWP to help support jobseekers. The connectivity provider joined forces with the UK’s biggest public service department to promote digital inclusion and find a solution for everyone.

The newly created product gives jobseekers a broadband connection for six months at no cost to them, allowing them to access vital DWP services and apply for jobs. After encouraging results from trials across Cheshire and Greater Manchester, the product has been rolled out to jobcentres across England, Wales and Scotland (with Northern Ireland to follow shortly).

Adele Ablett, JCP external relations lead for Cheshire, tells presenter Dominic Laurie about the challenges, hard work and successes of the joint effort between the DWP and TalkTalk, as well as what this really means for jobseekers across the country.

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