Ffion Reilly: HR, parent, student


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Ffion isn’t just working a full-time job in HR. She’s a parent. And she’s studying for a Masters degree.

Last year, Ffion started working on her dissertation – with a focus on the Menopause. There are around 34 recognised symptoms of the Menopause but they aren’t often discussed. Many of these can affect people in the workplace. Emotional changes, sleep deprivation and confidence decrease are just some of those challenges that come with the Menopause. Ffion has been working with the reward and benefits team internally to shape and deliver a new policy about Menopause at work – breaking down the taboo and ensuring colleagues know how TalkTalk and their leaders can support. A new policy for colleagues, delivered by colleagues.

Dominic Laurie talks to Ffion about why she felt it was important to play her part in this new policy – and the benefits of signposting everything the company is doing, and will introduce, to show it cares.

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