Jane Garnsey and Lisa Adkin: Care, Challenge, Commit


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TalkTalk has always had a strong set of company values. And as the business embarks on a new phase, a new set of values will underpin its journey. We believe values should be shaped by collective principles, beliefs and standards of behaviour. What is thought to be important in life.
And there was no better way to explore, adopt and create a brand new set of values than with current colleagues. The people who will live and breathe them. Various workshops, conversations and group sessions later, the new values were born. In three simple sentences:

We Care – We care about each other, our customers and our community
We Challenge – We challenge each other to be better for our customers
We Commit – We commit to doing what we say we will

There’s been a lot of change at TalkTalk – and the company values are just one example of these changes. People Director Jane and Inclusion Manager Lisa spoke to presenter Dominic Laurie about what these really mean for TalkTalk and how they’ll play out for the colleague’s and customer’s benefit.

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