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I have been exploring my past podcast listening programs and I have found a couple of forgotten (by me) gems. One of the lost gems was 19 Nocturne Boulevard. I was hanging out on facebook the other day and this actually came up on my recommendations thinking oh yeah I remember this… so i found the RSS feed and subscribed. My player allows me to listen to the episodes as they were released (i.e. all the way back to the beginning of the feed) and the first 2 episodes that appeared “Drawer 23” and “Draculadotcom“. These stories are fun, and slightly twisted in the Twilight Zone kind of way. “Draculadotcom” is a loose re-telling of the Dracula story if it was done over email… The original story was done through “letters” it is a fun take on the Dracula story.

Drawer 23” is a good ghost story with a fantastic cliff hanger ending that I will not spoil here, but it did remind me of those classic Twilight Zone endings from the original series.

Back in the early days of Wander Radio I had the opportunity to actually chat with Julie Hoverson about 19 Nocturne and I have included that discussion here.

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