S1E32: The Writing of a Trilogy with Wilson, NC Author Sarah Maragh


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Author Sarah Maragh joins Allie on today's episode to discuss what it was like publishing her first book and working on a trilogy.
Meet the Guest!
Sarah is an author and is currently working on the Sequel and Prequel to her debut novel "Tales of the Ouroborus: An Adult Fairytale" which is available on Amazon.
Sarah describes her book as a fairy tale within a fairy; here's a preview of her book,
"There once was a family who was as happy as they could be. A father, a mother, and two young boys, one older, one younger. The younger brother, with eyes almost like witch-hazel and hair as dark as the richest of bee’s honey. He was captivating and charismatic, and everyone, even their parents, favored him. The elder brother, though more beautiful, with eyes like the Jordan, olive features, and wavy hair as dark as the witching hour, was quieter. Because he was less forthcoming naturally, his family deemed him less trustworthy."
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