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Dan & Paul are joined by special guest Tim Kask (really!): Game designer, editor of the Original Dungeons & Dragons Supplements (including works by Gygax and Arneson), inaugural editor of Dragon Magazine, YouTuber, wargamer, and so much more! We'll bend his ear for insights into Original D&D, the challenges in polishing it for the market, and his thoughts on gaming today. Don't miss this one!

Subscribe to Tim's YouTube channel here -- https://www.youtube.com/user/kaskoid Watch Tim's explanation of the "Wheel of Blame" game format -- https://youtu.be/ecdeBrXYum8 Then watch Tim play a princess in the Excellents (with Peter Adkison, Stefan Pokorny, and Mike Pondsmith) -- https://youtu.be/GUvvSOPa2_M And see our prior interview with Adriel Wilson, designer of the Excellents -- https://youtu.be/Sy6gTKBGG_Q

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